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WD-6300 HF Interferometer DF System

Product.Nr.: 9284

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WD-6300 HF Interferometer DF System

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The WiNRADiO WD-6300 Direction Finding System employs a sophisticated phase-coherent multi-channel interferometer-based method, combined with statistical signal processing, to deliver a cost-effective yet robust and accurate HF DF solution for government, military, and law enforcement applications.

The system is small, lightweight and ruggedized, suited for deployment in stationary and transportable situations.

The system offers unparalleled flexibility given its SDR architecture, high accuracy and sensitivity performance, making it capable of filling not only the role of a direction finding system but also that of a highly capable HF COMINT intercept receiving system.

Each WD-6300 system comprises of three main parts: antenna array, phase-coherent receivers and processing computer.

The antennas utilised are specially designed high-gain active monopole antennas. The antenna array size can simply be varied according to the desired frequency range of the system, whereby the antennas are positioned in a "L"-shape configuration, which each leg being typically 5 meters in length for optimum coverage from 3 MHz to 30 MHz, and typically 10 meters for best coverage between 1 MHz to 15 MHz.

The two receivers (G34DDC) are a phase-coherent variant of the well-proven WR-G33DDC SDR, fitted into a rugged portable rack mount enclosure.

A rack mounted computer is used for interfacing with the system, and for processing and analysing the received signals.

In addition to accurate azimuth measurements, the WD-6300 system is also capable of measuring the elevation of an incoming signal. Providing the height of the reflecting ionospheric layer is known, it allows for an estimation of the target's location, without having to revert to a traditional multi-sensor approach for the necessary triangulation.

The entire antenna array can be assembled by two people in less than 30 minutes, while the receivers and the processing computer system can be operated either stationary or setup inside a suitable vehicle.

Combining modular hardware design with innovative software, the WiNRADiO WD-6300 HF Direction Finding System exhibits flexibility and performance which usually is not available in conventional technology systems.


  • Frequency range 500 kHz to 40 MHz
  • High accuracy medium aperture antenna
  • Rapid and simple deployment
  • Low visibility antennas
  • High sensitivity
  • Provides area of target location using SSL
  • Typical accuracy better than 2 degrees SD
  • Common reference providing phase-coherency
  • Utilises direct-sampling DDC based receivers
  • Low power consumption
  • Wideband DF (WBDF) option 

The system can be extended to include the following hardware and software options:

  • WD-6300-GPS: GPS option - GPS receiver allowing position-stamped result logging (9284-GPS).
  • WD-6300-CSO: Client-Server option - Client-Server software for remote control of receiver and DF functions (9284-CSO).
  • WD-6300-TMO: Triangulation/Mapping with Client/Server functionality. The Triangulation/Mapping option requires multiple DF stations linked by a suitable TCP/IP networking infrastructure. Bearing data from the DF stations is used for triangulation. The resulting position is displayed on a map overlay. Map source data is subject to separate licensing arrangements with the respective map provider (9284-TMO).
  • WD-6300-MAP: Offline maps option for mapping support without an internet connection, which does not require any licensing (9284-MAP).
  • WD-6300-WSDF: Wideband DF option for calculating direction of multiple signals within a specified bandwidth (up to 2 MHz) (9284-WSDF).

Detailed Technical Specifications