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SSB-Electronic GmbH
Am Pulverhäuschen 4           
59557 Lippstadt / Germany

Fon: +49 2941-93385-0          e-Mail:
Fax: +49 2941-93385-120       Web:

CEO: Peter Schulte-Nölle
Registergericht Paderborn, HRB 8871
VAT-ID-No: DE 260413423
Steuernr.:   330/5739/1160

Registration number at the packaging register
Registration No .: DE 544 234 727 8741


The information provided on our webpages has been checked carefully. However, SSB-Electronic cannot guarantee that the data or information is complete or up to date. This also applies to links, which refer to this website directly or indirectly.

We take no liability for contents that are linked from our pages. SSB-Electronic claims the complete copyright for all text content and images on pages hosted by us. Furthermore we reserve the right to change, replace or delete information on our pages without prior notice. SSB-Electronic will not be liable for any losses (neither in profit or volume), costs, expenses that might occur because of missing or unintentionally incorrect information. The use of content, completely or in parts, or setting up a link referring to pages of SSB-Electronic shall be subject to a written statetement by SSB-Electronic GmbH.

Online platform (OS platform) for extrajudicial mediation

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS), available here
We agree to participate in an out-of-court conciliation procedure at a consumer arbitration board.

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