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Radiating Cables

Radiating Cables

RFS® RADIAFLEX® Radiating cables

RFS RADIAFLEX® radiating cable is the world’s leading “leaky feeder” cable solution. It is designed to deliver contoured indoor RF coverage with radio signals leaked from the apertures on the radiating cable’s outer conductor. This allows network operators to provide scalable and practical broadband wireless services for confined areas, such as tunnels, mines and large building complexes.

RFS advanced radiating cables allows for ultra-broadband wireless communication networks. RFS RADIAFLEX® cables are designed to achieve optimized performance at highest frequency bands which are critical from a system design perspective as well as regarding total cost of solution. The broadband feature enables cables to work on different bands in one single coverage system, thereby supporting multiple carriers and multiple standards. RADIAFLEX® cables feature the patented RFS radiating cable design techniques. This unique design allows RFS to offer cables that support current and future indoor commercial and private radio services from 30 MHz to 6000 MHz — including mission critical and 4G / 5G commercial radio in all bands — for valuable cost savings and outstanding product performance.

Increased fire safety to protect lives
RADIAFLEX® cables are engineered to provide highest possible fire safety performance complying with all relevant international standards including European Construction Product Regulation (CPR) requirements. RADIAFLEX cables are tested and proven to minimize flame spread and smoke emissions. You’ll find RADIAFLEX cables that comply with:
  • All major International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) standards for low smoke, flame and fire retardance:
  1. IEC 60754-1/-2: Halogen-free and non-corrosive jacket tests
  2. IEC 60332-1: Flame tests
  3. IEC 60332-3-24: Cable bundle tests
  4. IEC 61034: Low-smoke emission tests
  • The highest Construction Products Regulation (CPR) standards for burning droplets (d0), low smoke emission (s1) and corrosivity (a1)
  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 130 standard for Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems

Radiating cables for every application and environment
With several different families of RADIAFLEX cables to choose from, you can find the right combination of bending radius, performance level and outer conductor type needed to support every application, in every environment. RADIAFLEX cables are optimized for:
  • 5G applications that require maximum throughput
  • Mission-critical applications that require maximum reliability
  • High-frequency and digital applications that require extremely low losses
  • Mining and industrial applications that require maximum durability with no compromises to cable flexibility
  • In-vehicle applications that require maximum cable flexibility
  • Long cable runs with sustained high performance

Futureproof your connectivity investments
Every RADIAFLEX radiating cable is 5G-ready, and can simultaneously deliver all commercial and mission-critical services
up to 6 GHz with high performance. You can support multiband, multi-operator applications in the most challenging indoor and underground environments today, and smoothly evolve to take advantage of new spectrum and deliver new services over time - with no need to replace cables.


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