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RFS® OMNI FIT™ Connectors for every application and budget

OMNI FIT connectors are known throughout the industry for their precision-engineered performance, ease of installation and long life in the field. They can be used with copper and aluminum cables, and are the perfect complement to RFS´ CELLFLEX® communications cables in any scenario.


  • Tower and rooftop deployments
  • Small cell deployments in dense urban environments
  • Indoor and underground deployments

A complete portfolio to choose from
Simply choose the OMNI FIT connectors that match your requirements:

  • OMNI FIT Premium E01 series connectors are fully optimized to deliver the ultimate combination of electrical performance, simplicity, durability and cost. OMNI FIT Premium connectors are tested and proven to deliver outstanding PIM and VSWR performance at all frequencies up to 6 GHz. They feature an ultra-compact, lightweight and extremely robust two-piece design that simplifies installations and avoids the need for additional parts that can complicate installations or be lost. To ensure watertight durability, OMNI FIT Premium E01 series connectors include a built-in seal against the outer conductor and against the cable jacket so there’s no need for external sealing.
  • OMNI FIT Standard C03 series connectors deliver a first-class feature set at a very cost-effective price point. OMNI FIT Standard connectors provide excellent PIM and VSWR ratings that help to maintain signal quality and system performance end-to-end. They also feature a lightweight design that simplifies installation and minimizes weight burdens. With three attachment options to choose from — push-pull, hand-screw and hex-head — OMNI FIT Standard connectors are easy to install in any environment.

The complete portfolio of OMNI FIT Premium and OMNI FIT Standard connectors is available with spacing-saving 4.3-10
interfaces as well as traditional Type-N and 7-16 DIN interfaces in all interface combinations, versions and variants.

Designed for futureproof evolution to 5G
OMNI FIT connectors support all frequencies up to 6 GHz, making them the perfect choice for smooth evolution to 5G
globally. You can take advantage of newly available spectrum such as Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), C-Band and
License Assisted Access (LAA) today, then seamlessly switch to different frequencies tomorrow.

Ideal for retrofits and upgrades
Because OMNI FIT connectors are backwards compatible with so many installed cables, they’re a very cost-effective way
to instantly gain access to the fully frequency range supported by existing cables. Simply replace legacy, frequency-limited connectors with OMNI FIT connectors to extend the life of current installations, reduce upgrade costs and gain higher returns on previous investments.


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