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Softlog System’s In-Circuit Programmers

Smooth Move from Development To Production

Softlog System’s in-circuit programmers ensures a smooth transition from development into production. The programmers easily scale for high-volume production, offering up to 64 true parallel programming channels in daisy chain configuration to meet the needs of your production environment. The programmers is universal. Each programmer was developed to work with all popular microcontrollers including Microchip, ST, NXP, Nordic, Cypress, Texas Instruments, Silicon Labs and GigaDevice.

Future Proof Your Production Environment

Softlog System’s proprietary Advanced G3 Technology ensures forward and backward compatibility with previous hardware versions, as well as total interoperability between the different products. Each programmer uses the same hardware and software base, enabling you to upgrade your production capabilities without fully rebuilding your production environment. Additionally, Softlog makes it easy to add new families and algorithms as needed for every project.

Protect Your IP
Softlog’s Secure Programming feature protects the unique firmware that controls your product. It adds multiple layers of protection to your business-critical intellectual property, dramatically reducing the risk of stolen firmware during production.

Fully Interoperable Family of Products
All ICP programmers work interchangeably with one another, making it easy to upgrade or switch units. They share a common user interface, DLL/Command Line, and common features like Secure Programming and Gap Eliminator Technology.

The following features can be booked additionally:
- DLL / Command Line Support
- dsPIC / PIC24 Support
- keelog Support
- Security Support
- PIC32 Support