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KSE EV Chargers - Smart charging for electric vehicles

Future-proof technology meets modern style

The EV Chargers from KSE are Made in Germany, developed and built in Kösching near Ingolstadt. The company has been working closely with the southern German and European premium automotive industry for many years. The EV chargers and accessories are made exactly as if they were for us. Highest performance. Easiest operation. Future-proof technology. Superior design.

What makes KSE so special

KSE understands your systems and thinks deeply into your products.
  • Holistic know-how under one roof
  • Curiosity and desire to innovate
  • Consistent goal orientation
  • Enabling maximum flexibility
The EV Charger product family from KSE is as adaptable as the needs and wishes of the customers are different. It doesn't matter whether you need an EV Charger "simply to charge", you need to equip several parking spaces with a charging management system, or whether you want to combine the EV Charger with a photovoltaic system for charging surplus. Whether you want to specifically restrict access to charging using the RFID option or always want to keep an overview with the ChargeConnect app. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

The perfect solution for every application

From the end user, who deliberately wants to do without consumption data overviews and charging statistics, to the detail-loving electric vehicle driver, who wants to see exactly how the charging data is developing and how much of his charging current comes from his own photovoltaic system at any time of the day or night and on any device. From the small company with a few EV Chargers to the chain store companies with different locations and fleet management. By interlocking hardware with its own software solutions (app and its own backend for billing), KSE covers every need.

Installation of your EV charger

In order to have an EV charger installed, the existing electrical installation and the desired installation location must first be considered. If, for example, there are already preparations for charging infrastructure in the building, elements such as back-up fuses and residual current circuit breakers can simply be connected to the already installed cable with a sufficient cross-section. The connected load should be large enough to cover "normal" building consumption and the electric vehicle charging station. Your electrician can check this in advance without much effort. In most cases, an EV charger with 11 kW can be installed without any changes to the main connection. If the mein connection is not sufficient, the KSE charging management system can ensure trouble-free operation. It ensures that the EV charger only receives as much power as is freely available.

The installation costs for an EV charger usually include the costs for the material (e.g. FI, automatic circuit breaker, cables) and the working time of the electrician for laying the cables and installing the EV charger, as well as reporting to the network operator.

Please ask your local installer for exact details regarding installation at your site!