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AX-37A Planar Log-Periodic Antenna

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AX-37A Planar Log-Periodic Antenna
Bare substrate only, no enclosure, includes preamplifier, receive only, 9V battery power

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The AX-37A antenna is a compact UHF log-periodic directional antenna, available in three versions: a bare board for internal use (AX-37A), an outdoor mounting version (AX-37AM) and a hand-held version (AX-37CH). This antenna is constructed on a high-quality fibre-glass substrate, with an integrated low noise amplifier. The user can also specify antenna versions without the inbuilt amplifier, which does not require any power to operate. Versions without the amplifier can be also used as low power transmit antennas.

The AX-37A antenna covers the complete UHF range of 300 to 3000 MHz (a wider frequency range can be still received with reduced gain) and is ideally suited for reception of point-to-point communications where its directional characteristics can significantly improve rejection of interfering signals. While designed to be entirely general-purpose and performing well with any third-party equipment, the WiNRADiO AX-37A antenna is especially suitable for WiNRADiO G3 Series of VHF/UHF receivers, in both professional and consumer applications.

The antenna comes in several versions. The standard AX-37A version consists of a bare board suited for indoor applications, with an SMA connector and a battery holder for a standard PP3 type 9V battery (the battery and cable are not included). There is also an On/Off switch and an indicator LED on the board. With a simple modification which can be performed by the user, the antenna can be also powered externally via the coaxial cable, using a "Bias-T" power injector, such the WiNRADiO WR-BT-3500.


Technical Specifications