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SP-6 Super Amp Mast Preamplifier 6m

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product description

SP-6 Super Amp Mast Preamplifier 6m

The built-in automatic transmit/receive switch and the remote coupling option make installation an easy task. Amplifiers of the Super-Amp Series come in an UV-resistant, weather-proof housing and are equipped with N-sockets.


  • Frequency range: 50-52MHz
  • Noise figure, typically: 0.9 dB
  • Gain internally adj.: 10-20dB
  • Switching capacity, HF-VOX: 100 W
  • Max. power P.T.T.: 750W / SSB, 500W/FM
  • Operating voltage: 12V - 14V
  • Current consumption, typically: 250 mA
  • Mast diameter max.: 58 mm
  • Recommended remote power coupler: DCW 2004 B

Technical Specifications