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432 MHz 16 Elements Yagi-Antenna

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product description

432 MHz gain optimized 16 Elements Yagi Antenna for the 70 cm band
  • Clean radiation pattern, best condition for successful stacking to high-performance antenna arrays
  • Measured 50 Ω match, with calibrated measuring equipment
  • Broadband 50 Ω matching
  • Easy dismantling, therefore very suitable for portable use
  • Mast clamp and connecting parts made of galvanized steel

Technical data
Frequency range 430 - 440 MHz
Band 70 cm
Antenna type Directional antenna
Antenna design Yagi
Number of elements 16
Gain 16,6 dBi
Mechanical length 3,1 m
Mounting Boom/Boom support structure
Beam width E=27,6°
Stacking distance for horizontal polarization H = 145 cm
V = 138 cm
Stacking distance for vertical polarization H = 138 cm
V = 145 cm
Weight 2,2 kg
Connector type N female
Max. power 150 W CW
300 W PEP
With high-power dipol:
500 W CW
1000 W PEP
Wind load 102 N @ 120 km/h
197 N @ 160 km/h

Shipping costs
The shipping costs depend on the shipping weight as well as the type and size of the packaging. We usually ship the Yagi antennas as bulky goods. We will inform you of the exact shipping costs when you submit your inquiry or order.