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Grounding-clamp Ecoflex 15

Product.Nr.: 6813

product description

The grounding clamp for 15 mm coax cables such as ECOFLEX 15, ECOFLEX 15 Plus etc. is used to eliminate potential differences (voltages) between the coax cable and the earth potential, which can occur, for example, during a thunderstorm. The grounding clamp has a solid stainless steel housing with a hinge and thus a compact structure. Installation is fast and easy because there are no loose parts and the earthing clamp can be closed with just one screw. No extra taping is needed.

Technical data

Grounding clamp type: with stainless steel shell
Suitable cable types: Ecoflex 15, Ecoflex 15 Plus and all common coaxial cables with 15 mm outer diameter
Contact resistance: ≤ 1 mΩ
Operating temperature: -40°C + 85°C
2011/65/EC RoHS: Yes, compliant
Weatherproof: Yes, environmental test according to IEC 68214
Corrosion resistant: Yes
UV resistant: Yes
Waterproof: Yes, IP 68
Lightning tested: Yes, according to MIL STD 1757


Part Material
Sehll: Stainless steel AISI 304
Gasket: EPDM rubber, UV resistant
Inner contact: Tinned brass
Contact bar: Tinned brass
Cable: 16 mm² copper, PVC isolated, black, length approx. 50 cm
Lug: Tinned copper, Ø 8 mm, incl. earthing screw kit
Hexagon head socket screw: Stainless steel VCI 5x20


Zeichnung Erdungsschelle Aircell 5

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