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ERD-1500 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

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ERD-1500 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

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The WiNRADiO ERD-1500 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector is an exceptionally efficient "RF Sniffer" developed to quickly and reliably locate sources of electromagnetic interference. The detector contains a miniature wide-band antenna with a quality amplifier and high-performance Schottky barrier detection diodes for maximum sensitivity.

The detector features optical (LED) and acoustic (piezo speaker) indication. The brightness of the indicator LED and the pitch of the audible tone will increase proportionally with the strength of the detected signal, making it simple and easy to locate the interference source.

 The ERD-1500 covers a frequency range approximately 50 Hz to 1500 MHz, with a typical sensitivity of 25µV/cm (500 MHz, far field setting). Power is supplied by two 12V batteries (A23, MN21 or GP23A, not included). The sliding switch on the side of the unit has three positions: off (middle position), high sensitivity (far field) and low sensitivity (near field).

The WiNRADiO ERD-1500 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector is ideally suited for the following applications:

  • Tracing sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Surveillance countermeasures (detection of "bugs")
  • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) pre-testing
  • Quick safety radiation check of transmitters and appliances
  • Installation and set-up of computer-based radio monitoring systems


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