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Shipping & Returns

8. Shipping costs
To allow our customers a simple and transparent calculation of shipping charges, SSB-Electronic GmbH refrains from listing costs for logistics share, warehousing or even fuel surcharges separately. These are already included in our shipping costs.

8.1 Delivery to end customers
All goods are insured with an insurance value of 500 Euro. A higher value insurance is available on request and for an additional charge.
An express shipment is also possible and is calculated by effort. Please specify when ordering.

8.1.1 Standard Delivery within Germany
The shipping of goods in this zone costs a flat rate of 11 EUR net, plus 4,50 EUR net packaging costs (plus 19% VAT) per package and is carried out by DHL (max. 30 kg) or UPS (max. 22 kg). All UPS shipments weighing more than 22 kg are declared as bulky goods and billed at cost. Standard cash on delivery shipments are made by DHL at the customer's request. These costs 11 EUR net plus 4,50 EUR net packaging costs (plus 19% VAT) + external cash on delivery fee per package.

8.1.2 Standard Shipping within the EU, outside Germany
The shipment of goods in this zone is calculated according to EU zone tariffs and effort.

8.1.3 Standard Shipping worldwide, outside the EU
The shipment of goods in this zone is charged at cost.

8.2 Delivery to business customers
Business customers are served by UPS. The shipping costs are calculated per package with an insured value of € 500, - Euro. A higher value insurance is available on request for an additional charget.
The conditions are the same as in 8.1. above.

8.3 Shipping via forwarding agency
If SSB-Electronic GmbH is the freight carrier (national and international), deliveries via our freight forwarder are generally insured in the amount of the net value of goods. The incurred insurance costs are stated separately in the invoice.

8.4 Packaging regulation
In accordance with the provisions of the packaging regulation, we are obliged to take back packaging of our products which does not have the sign of a system of comprehensive disposal (such as the "Green Point" of Duales System Deutschland AG) and to ensure their reuse or disposal.

For further clarification of the return, please contact us for such products (phone: +49 (0) 2941-93385-0,

We will then tell you a municipal collection center or a disposal company in your area which will take back the packaging free of charge. If this is not possible, you have the possibility to send the packing back to us (SSB-Electronic GmbH, Am Pulverhäuschen 4, 59557 Lippstadt, Germany). The packaging will be reused or disposed according to the packaging regulations.

9. Minimum order value
The minimum order value is 30 € net (excl. 19% German sales tax).

10. Export
We export worldwide on a daily basis. Payment is made in advance (BIC, SWIFT). Foreign orders within the EU will be executed VAT-free, if the VAT-ID number has been given by the customer during the order process. Without a VAT-ID number no VAT can be subtracted. Reclamations because of this reason cannot be acknowledged. SSB-Electronic GmbH reserves the right to re-calculate import duties, brokerage fees and country-specific value added tax sums. On request we take over the formalities for the creation of an export declaration for our customers. For this service we will charge an amount of 15 Euro net. For deliveries with DHL into the EFTA-countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) we'll charge an export fee of 24 Euro net.