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When will you start using digital radio technology?


PERSEUS allows a spectrum display of a 1600 broad frequency range in real-time. This frequency range can be recorded to hard disk. Hence time-shifted listening becomes possible, with subsequent tuning to all signals within any frequency range of 1.6 MHz.
With the software HFSpan PERSEUS can even show the activities within a frquency range of up to 40 MHz grafically. PERSEUS is designed as a digital Direct Sampling Receiver. Heart of the PERSEUS is a 14-Bit Analog-Digital-Converter, working with 80 Mio. samples per second with an excellent SNR of 76 dB (at 40 MHz bandwidth). The Third Order Intercept-Point lies at +30dbm. The dynamic range is 103 dB (@SSB, 2.4 kHz).



Five series of receivers for a broad performance spectrum

WiNRADIO sets standards for private and professional monitoring. With five series of receivers a broad performance spectrum for frequencies between 9 kHz and 3.500 MHz is covered. The concept of a Software-Defined-Receiver (SDR) allows various fields of applications like visual field strength monitoring, seamless database connection, direct integration of signal decoders or the IP-based remote operation.
Available at the Ham Radio 2010:
The new model G-31DDC Excalibur offers a frequency range up to 49,995 kHz, a recording option for bandwidths up to 2 MHz and not less than 3 independent reception channels. While this new SDR works as an external USB device, further WiNRADiO-Receivers are available as internal version / PCI-board and as external device. more...