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Software Defined Transceiver


A few years ago SSB-Electronic launched Perseus as the first full-digital-compact
Receiver. But time moves on. The integration of PC and Notebook was established and
new products bring more and more performance into your shack.

ZS-1: Full Digital Transceiver for SW

Software defined receivers have been state-of-the art for years already; now the ZS-1 offers SDR Transceiver capabilities at “direct sampling” level. Now you can see what you hear and transmit ...

A dozen good reasons for purchasing the ZS-1:
1. Best Software Definined Transceiver tested by the ARRL
2. Especially clean output signal due to Predistortion
3. Divisible Interface (operation / spectrum), suited for Dual-Monitor operation, very handy in combination with decoding software
4. Additional window for audio signal control
5. Intuitive GUI with practical user guide: left mouse button = function, right mouse button = configuration
6. 1-Button-solution to switch all parameters between SSB and digital modes operation
7. Storable standard texts for CW operation
8. Simple integration of external control units
9. Free Software Updates
10. Display modes of the S-Meter: analogue or digital presentation

11. Manual and customer support in German and English

12. Made in Germany: The only fully digital transceiver that is completely manufactured in Germany

Changelogvon Softwareversion 2.8.1 to 2.9.1:

  • Bug fixes
  • Import/Export all settings now available
  • ExtIO support
  • Hermes (Anan, Afedri)
  • Odyssey support
  • HiQSDR support

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ZS-1 Zeus-1 Transceiver

ZS-1 Zeus-1 Transceiver

EUR 899,00

incl. 19 % VAT excl. shipping costs

ZS-1 Power Supply 12V/5A

ZS-1 Power Supply 12V/5A

EUR 33,20

incl. 19 % VAT excl. shipping costs