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GSM Combiner

GSM Combiner

Mobile radio network antennacombiner: SSB-MAC

The new active antennacombiner was developed for the mobile radio network.

Runtime-optimized antenna combiner for mobile application

The SSB-MAC receives and distributes local mobile data streams and ships, in shores (up to 30 miles), in shopping centers, hotels, or car parks, wherever distances or building structures interfere with the reception of mobile communications.

The SSB-MAC controls up to 256 antennas for the illumination of segmented shadow zones. The signals are distributed to the segment antennas via the splitter ports and line splitters. Regulated preselectors and low-noise transceiver amplifiers allow to receive, amplify and selectively provide weakly or reflectively weakened signals within the radio cell where they are needed.


In most cases, however, the signal level is not the limiting element but the run times. With the SSB-MAC, a low system run time and a small shortening factor were placed.

The following mobile radio standards are supported: G2 (GSM, GPRS, Edge); G3 (UMTS, HSDPA); G4 (LTE)

Various situations as outlined below can occur but there do exist professional solutions:
- A GPRS, 3G or 4G router with built-in or accessory antenna being far too slow.
- A GPRS, 3G or 4G router that regardless an outdoor antenna is too slow.
- A 3G or 4G USB stick on a PC or LAPTOP that is too slow.
- An office or living room or home where the GSM signal is too weak or simply does not exist.
- Underground car parks or elevators where the GSM does not function and the reason for a lack of security.
- Big buildings, such as hospitals, companies or factories where the GSM coverage is insufficient.
- Ships on rivers or on the oceans.
- Offshore constructions where GSM or GPRS/3G/4G communication is necessary for security reasons.
- Saving of roaming expenses for premises close to the country border or ships passing many countries.
 Our complete product range is delivered with a CE certificate:
- An extensive range of GSM, 3G/UMTS 4G indoor and outdoor antennas.
- A special antenna with built-in amplifier suitable for all 3G/4G USB sticks.
- Antenna preamplifiers/splitters to connect several GPRS/3G/4G routers.
- Mono-band boosters (GSM repeaters) 800, 900 or 1800 MHz or UMTS.
- Dual-band boosters (GSM repeaters) any combination of the previous mentioned ones.
- Tri-band boosters (GSM repeaters) for simultaneous use on the three earlier mentioned  frequency bands.
- Five-band boosters (GSM repeaters)
- Preamplifiers for these boosters (GSM repeaters)
- LED display for diagnostics and outdoor antenna adjustment.
- No limit of simultaneous calls.
- Boosts all operator networks and 2G, 3G, 4G, 4.5G
- Full automatic operator protection system.
- Distribution amplifiers (splitters) to be able to connect several internal antennas on to the previous mentioned systems.
- Choice of different models internal antennas.
- Coaxial cables and RF connectors with extremely low loss especially suitable for the mentioned applications.

Of course we offer full project planning, mounting and commissioning. Please get in contact with us for more informations:



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