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Our history

SSB-Electronic GmbH: from engineering firm to RF specialist

Below you will find the most important facts about our company history.
1976 Founding of SSB-Electronic by Bernd Bartkowiak and Rolf Albert as an engineering office for communications technology in Iserlohn
1989 Introduction of the first coaxial cable
2008 Introduction of halogen-free and flame-retardant Heatex® coaxial cables for areas with increased fire safety requirements
2008 Change in management: Peter Schulte-Nölle becomes the new owner and managing director
2010 Moving of the company location from Iserlohn to Lippstadt
2016 Location change within the industrial area Am Mondschein in Lippstadt to the current location Am Pulverhäuschen
2017 Introduction of weather resistant SeaTex® coaxial cables for marine and offshore applications
2017 Introduction of the quality management system with successful certification according to ISO 9001: 2015
2018 Acquisition of VF-Feintechnik GmbH – a company developing and manufacturing access control systems in Wiesentheid