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WLAN-Booster WL 5600-1

Product.Nr.: 9554

product description


The WL 5600-1 offers an output power of 1W (CW) with a transmission gain of typ. 27dB. A gain of typ. 22dB is achieved in the reception. The frequency range extends over the entire WLAN 5 GHz (5.180GHz – 5.825GHz) range. The unit is delivered in a mast housing. TRX and ANT are equipped with N-type female connectors. There is no separate input for the supply voltage. The supply may be provided via a remote switch, e.g. DCC 2,4 - 5,6 GHz (included in delivery). The remote switch is connected to the TRX input and requires 12V – 14V. The router is connected before the remote switch. The antenna is connected to the antenna input.


Connection plan:



The WL5600-1 is equipped with an automatic transmission / reception switch. If the TRX input is without power, the device is in the receive mode. In order to switch to transmission safely, the input should have a power of at least -10 dBm. It should also be noted that the maximum input power at TRX must not exceed 6dBm. The saturation effects of the receiving amplifiers start at -10dBm. This power should not be exceeded, as otherwise the data rade may drop.


Summary of technical data:




Frequency range

5.180GHz – 5.825GHz

Receive gain

min. 15dB, typ. 16dB

Transmission gain

typ. 27dB

Output power max.

1W (CW)

Operating voltage

12V- 14V

Connection standard

N- Female


Mast housing

Mast diameter

max. 58mm

Supported standards

IEEE 802.a/n




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