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WL 2400-1 WiFi-Amp. 2,4 GHz/1W

Product.Nr.: 9551

EUR 349,00
incl. 19 % VAT

product description

May be operated as WiFi-System WL 2400-1 in the states of the European Union. The WL 2400-1 is a low-cost, bidirectionalpower amplifier of the latest generation with a HF-output power of 1 Watt. The amplification for transmitting is max. 15 dB. The built-in receiving
preamplifier impresses with a reasonable noise figure of 2.5 dB ati 15 dB amplification. The amplifier has a weather-proof housing for direct installation at the antenna mast.

The device is powered remotely via the antenna cable.

Attention: Please note that these device is not approved for on-air transmission within Germany. The customer is fully responsible to use it in lawful applications only.