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Perseus 22 Superspeed 2+2 channels receiver

Product.Nr.: 9320

product description

Perseus 22 Superspeed 2+2 channels receiver

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Perseus 22 is a 4 channels, direct sampling receiver with a continuous frequency coverage from 10 KHz to 225 MHz and a typical image rejection larger than 70 dB.

Perseus 22All channels are synchronously sampled by an high SNR, 14 bits A/D converter and processed by a software defined digital down converter, implemented on an FPGA, which outputs are routed to the host PC by a USB 3.0 controller, allowing wide-bandwidth IF applications.

The frequency coverage is split-up in 2 groups of channels (two for VLF-HF frequency range, the others for VHF), each one capable of diversity, which can reduce noise or null an interfering signal. All channels includes an analog RF frontend equipped with attenuators, preselection filters and amplifiers.

The receiver enclosure is machined from solid aluminium and finished with a fine, non reflecting, black surface treatment.

Perseus 22 management software features a simple and intuitive graphical interface, being at the same time efficient and complete.
The GUI is build using OpenGL, which make possible to leverage the GPU for everything related to the rendering of controls and windows, keeping CPU take care exclusively of digital processing of radio signals. Due to the libraries used, Perseus22 management software is portable to other operating systems such as Linux, MacOS and even Android with little effort.

Perseus 22

Technical specifications

Frequency coverage HF1 & HF2 9 kHz - 70 MHz
Frequency coverage VHF1 & VHF2 70 MHz - 225 MHz
Preselection HF1 & HF2
(individual filter per channel)
LPF filter (9-1700 kHz), BPF filters 1.6-2.1, 2.1-3.0, 3.0-4.2, 4.2-6.0, 6.0-8.4,
8.4-12.0, 12-17, 17-24, 24-32, 32-70 MHz Wb (9 kHz - 70 MHz Wide-Band Mode)
Preselection VHF1 & VHF2
(individual filter per channel)                                  
Band 1 70-112 MHz, Band 2 112-137 MHz, Band 3 137-174 MHz
Wb 125-225 MHz (usable as wideband IF)
Attenuators HF1 & HF2 0-10-20-30 dB each channel have individual attenuator
Attenuators VHF1 & VHF2 0-6-18 dB each channel have individual attenuator
VHF1 & VHF2 5V 100mA switchable DC bias
ADC Sampling rate 200/250 MHz
Power Supply 9 Vdc 2 A max. 1.4 A typ.
Cabinet (W x H x D) Aluminum, 215 x 44 x 220 mm (feet included)
Weight 1680 g (without power supply)

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