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Assembly Ecoflex 15 Plus Heatex

Assembly Ecoflex 15 Plus Heatex

Mai 24, 2023
Assembly Ecoflex 15 Plus Heatex
Fire! It's burning!

These words have frightened people since the beginning of mankind. Especially when the fire is in your own apartment, house or at work, people usally get stressed. If one then addionally can see, hear or smell flames or smoke, many people react with fear or panic. Often it's a matter of life and death quickly. You can't blame them. According to the German Fire Brigade Association, 388 people died in Germany in 2020 from smoke, fire and flames. Just over half of the victims died inside buildings. But vehicles such as cars, ships, trains or airplanes can also be death traps. Very few of the victims die from the flames. The vast majority of victims was harmed by toxic gases produced when materials such as PVC are burned. Especially the PVC, which is used in the insulation of electric lines and coaxial cables, has catastrophic effects in the event of fire. Dioxins, furans and other highly toxic substances are released. The chlorine gas that is also produced forms caustic hydrochloric acid with the extinguishing water. This will contaminate the building and attack its stability. Smoke, fire and flames spread to other parts of the building through the cable ducts.

That is why SSB-Electronic has created a new class of coaxial cables. The Heatex series cables have a halogen-free outer jacket. In the event of a fire, they do not produce any corrosive gases, which can lead to extensive damage to persons involved. The Heatex jacket is flame retardant, low in smoke and has only a low fire propagation. Therefore, a fire can no longer spread so quickly through the cable ducts.

The technician who is in charge to install these cables is faced with the task of assembling these cables. The Heatex jacket is much harder than a PVC jacket. This makes it harder to push the contact sleeve into the cable. The best solution is to heat the cable jacket with a hot air gun and only then insert the contact sleeve.

Due to inquiries from our customers regarding the assembly of connectors on Heatex cables, we have created assembly instruction video to illustrate the assembly of these cables.

Watch the Video

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