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MHP 70 PRO Mast Preamplifier up to 2 kW 435 MHz

Product.Nr.: 1067-PRO

EUR 1.395,00
incl. 19 % VAT

product description

The MHP 70 PRO is a low-noise, large-signal-proof mast preamplifier with transmit / receive switching. It is intended for use in transmitting and receiving stations of medium and high power.

Based on the LNA 70, the MHP 70 PRO has two HF power relays from Radiall with connections in N standard. The input of the preamplifier is protected with two amplitude limiters. The input and output circuitry is dimensioned so that both connections have an exact 50 ohm impedance with very low imaginary components. This does not change the parameters of the connected antenna system.

The Radiall relays we use meet the highest requirements and are used in aviation and the military. This usually allows 2 kW of transferable power to be achieved. The maximum transferable power is 7kW @ 10 MHz, which is reduced depending on the frequency, temperature and ambient air pressure (altitude). When used in the ICAS (Intermittent Commercial and Amateur Service) amateur radio sector, this corresponds to 2000 W PEP power. This power value must be reduced during continuous operation, e.g. through digital operating modes or radio telex. In these cases, depending on the duty cycle, the power can be reduced to 750 W when connected with a sequencer. This data can only be accessed through this high-quality relay.

Attention: The amplifier must only be switched over without transmitting power! For this reason, the MHP 70 PRO must only be operated with a sequence control (e.g. Sequencer DCW 2004 B). Transmission operation without such a sequence control causes damage to the device!

Technical data MHP 70 PRO
Frequency range: 430-440 MHz
Noise figure (20°C, NF): < 0,9 dB
Gain (+/-1%) (S21): 21 dB
Transferable power when using a sequencer:

1500 W PEP
750 W FM

Insertion loss: 0,3 dB
Return loss when transmitter is active: 37 dB
Input return loss (S11): 24 dB
Output return loss (S22): 18 dB
Output IP3: 32 dBm
Input IP3: 11 dBm
Supply voltage: +13,8 V...15V
Current consumption: 800 mA
Mast diameter: max. 58 mm
Weight: 1010 g