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Yagi-Antenna 2m / 8 El. Horizontal (PA144-8-3RB)

Product.Nr.: 4045

EUR 195,01
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product description

144 MHz low noise 8 elements Yagi antenna for 2 m

This 2 meter 144 MHz Yagi antenna offers a good gain related to the antenna length. This antenna is characterized by a low noise design, suitability for wideband operation and are equally suitable for EME, terrestrial or FM repeater operation. The antenna has excellent mechanical properties to withstand all wind and weather conditions. Mast mounts and balun with "N" connector are included in the delivery.
The 3m long boom of this 8-element antenna is designed for mast mounting. The boom is additionally supported by a guy wire.

Elektrical data
Frequency range 144 – 145 MHz
Band 2 m
Antenna type Directional antenna
Antenna design Yagi
Gain (Free space) 12.2 dBi
Front to Back Ratio 28 dB
3 dB Horizontal Beam-width 45.6°
Polarization Horizontal
Impedance 50 Ω
SWR across entire band < 1.2
Max. Power 500 W
Connector N

Mechanical data
Number of elements 8
Diameter elements 8mm Aluminum tube
Diameter dipole 8 mm hart Copper tube
Longest element 1040 mm
Element mounting position Below the Boom
Balun & connector included
Boom lenght 2,92 m
Boom size 30 x 30 mm
Mast diameter 43 - 70 mm
Survival wind speed 150 km/h
Weight 5,0 kg