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Ecoflex 15 PLUS 1010m Coaxial Cable

Product.Nr.: 6046

product description

Ecoflex 15 Plus has remarkable electrical and mechanical improvements. The construction and the use of materials are optimized for lowest attenuation, a max. Frequency, first-class installation properties, high long-term stability and not least low weight. This combination of optimal physical properties is achieved through the use of a precision hybrid inner conductor with a micro-welded copper cladding and aluminum core.

Ecoflex 15 Plus is a highly flexible and very low attenuation 50 ohm coaxial cable for use up to 8 GHz. State-of-the-art production processes and the use of a low-loss PE-LLC dielectric with a gas content of more than 70% enable very favorable attenuation values. The innovative cable construction of Ecoflex 15 Plus combines the extremely low attenuation characteristics of 1/2 "cables with rigid inner conductors with the mechanical properties of flexible but high-loss standard coaxial cables with inner conductors, thus providing an ideal combination. The good flexibility of Ecoflex 15 Plus is ensured by a 7-wire hybrid inner conductor with aluminum core and welded copper sheath. The inner conductor is stranded in high-precision production steps, compressed, calibrated and then pre-coated to achieve very good damping and adaptation values.

Another advantage is the double shielding: an overlapping copper foil and an overlying copper braid ensure a high screen size of> 90 dB at 1 GHz. The black PVC outer sheath of Ecoflex 15 Plus is UV-stabilized. To simplify the installation, solderless plugs of the N, UHF and 7-16 DIN standards were developed, which offer optimum contacting and can be easily assembled without special tools in a short time. Ecoflex 15 Plus is a modern coaxial cable for many applications in high-frequency technology: low attenuation, long-term stable, flexible, susceptible to radiation and can be used up to the microwave range.

Diameter 14,6 ± 0,3 mm
Impedance 50 ± 2 Ω
Attenuation at 1 GHz / 100 m 9.80 dB
f max 8 GHz

Sheath material according to DIN EN 50290-2-22 (VDE 0819), compound type TM 52 (HD 624.2)
Flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2
RoHS compliant (Directive 2011/65/EC & 2015/863/EU RoHS 3)