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LNA 30 wide band preamp. 5 kHz - 30 MHz

Product.Nr.: 1014

product description

The LNA 30 is a broadband amplifier for applications in the frequency ranges VLF, LF, MW and HF. Signals above 30 MHz are strongly suppressed by a low pass at the input of the amplifier. The MMIC used enables a low noise figure with high large signal strength. This amplifier is supplied with 12 to 24 V voltage via the UHF socket. Alternatively, the device can be powered by a 24 V battery. The highest large signal strength is achieved with a 24 V voltage supply and the smallest noise figure at 12 V. Only linear power supplies are recommended for the voltage supply of the LNA 30. Switching power supplies generate a large interference level in the low frequency ranges and are not suitable for this application.

Technical data
 Frequency range: 5 kHz - 30 MHz
Gain/Noise figure (typ.):
21 / 1,8 dB at 10 MHz
20 / 1,7 dB at 15 MHz
19 / 2,1 dB at 20 MHz
19 / 2,2 dB at 30 MHz
Impedance: 50 Ohm
OIP3: 38 dBm
N female
DC input: UHF female
Operating voltage:
12 - 24 V
Current consumption:
ca. 150 mA
ca. 500 g
Mast diameter:
max. 58 mm

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