Product.Nr.: 9211

product description

The VirtualSoundCard-Software (VSC) is compatible to all WiNRADiO receivers since WR-G303,
which have the PD-Professional-Demodulator installed. (except WR-G33EM). VSC delivers the
WiNRADiO signal to another software application in a parallel way. It offers a virtual
soundcard and avoids problems which might occur when using the PC-soundcard.

Differences in sampling rates used by the Winradio receiver and thePC-soundcard will be
corrected. Problems due to buffer-underrun or -overrun are avoided.
Losses in signal quality because of the else required two transformation processes (digital to
analogue and, at the PC-soundcard, analogue to digital) belongs to the past.

Finally the signal processing will be speeded up, while at the same time the processor load will
be reduced. The PC can work more fluently. External demodulating software benefits from more
soundcard power.

Please note: The Option VSC requires the Professional Demodulator!