WR-PDO prof. Demod.Option for G303 external SDR

Product.Nr.: 9206

product description

The Professional Demodulator offers several features compared to the Standard Demodulator:
Modes: DSB (double side band), ISB (Inverted side band), as well as advanced
AGC options. The IF bandwith can be adjusted in 1Hz steps from 100 Hz to 15 kHz.
Bandwidth buttons that can arranged in the setup menu by the user individually, are a further
advantage of the PD-Demodulator. The comprehensive setup-menu offers more iptions
to fine-adjust filter values.
Another Highlight is the choice of a second signal output. Hence the signal can be delivered
to other applications / software decoders.
The „Secondary Output“ solution requires the WiNRADiO „DigitalBridge“ Virtual Sound Card (VSC),
which is available optionally.