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product description

All WiNRADiO receivers (except WR-G33EM) are DRM capable. Installation of the
DRM-Software is required, though. The DRM Software and License are available
from SSB-Electronic GmbH.

No credit card is necessary, and you don\'t have to download the software from the Internet.
Receiver and Software, all from one source, from SSB-Electronic:
We supply the DRM Software for WiNRADiO as an email attachment.

Operation of the Software requires a "Key-File". SSB-customers can order this license
as a "Key-File". It will be sent by E-Mail from WiNRADiO to SSB-customers.

The DRM-Software can be downloaded online from WiNRADiO:


Please note:
The DRM Demodulator / Decoder offers the following features:

- SpektrumScope, showing a real-time spectrum of the received DRM signal
- Demodulator/Decoder Status display of the current signal characteristics
- Display of single „DRM-Services“ and selection of single Services
- Display of DRM text messages in a separate range (in case text messages are sent)
- shiftable Notch-Filter (adjustable in bandwidth and position within the spectrum)
- Recording / Replay function of Audio in various formats
- Recording / Replay of the DRM IF signal
- separated playlist for fast access to recordings

When purchasing a WiNRADiO-DRM Demodulator you will get also the software „DRM-
Software-Radio“, which is based on a development of the Fraunhofer Institut. This software
can also decode (make audible) DRM signals, but has to be driven via the IF signal
by the WiNRADiO-VSC-Software (Option). This software can also decode DRM signals
that are transmitted in the CELP method.

During installation of the DRM Software files are copied to the directory:
When you got your "*.KEY"-file, please copy it also to the directory given above.
For the Excalibur this file as stored in: