WR-G33EM/GPS Marine Rec. incl.GPS

Product.Nr.: 9202

product description

The model WiNRADiO WR-G33EM is a powerful shortwave receiver, developed especially for
usage on ships. The frequency range starts at 9 kHz and end at 30.000 kHz.

Beside the classical modes of a shortwave receiver, like AM, SSB and CW the
WiNRADiO WR-33EM offers decoding programs for HF-FAX, NAVTEX, DSC and
TELEX. In the version WR-G33EM/GPS a GPS-receiver is included additionally.

Because of the high-resolutuion world maps your boat will be shown with the actual position
at any time. The WiNRADiO WR-G33EM offers good sensitivity and was optimized for reception in
conjunction with relatively short antennas.

In connection with the high dynamic range the model WR-G33EM is the ideal basis for communication
on board. The receiver is built into a small housing and has to be connected to a PC (not included)
via USb. The antenna socket is located at the back of the housing.

More functional safety by digital signal processing

As the WiNRADiO WR-G33EM is a „Software Defined Receiver“, the special maritime signal decoding means no problem ana more. The signal has to be digitalized anyway and given to the signal processing. Data transmissions can be decoded easily this way and new modes can be added by software. Another advantage of digital signal filtering is the decoding of distorted or weak signals.

These functions are offered by the WiNRADiO WR-G33EM:

Digital Selective Calling DSC

The DSC-function of the WR-G33EM receives and stores security messages that are transmitted on emergency frequencies. The incoming messages are displayed and stored. They can be printed manually or automatically as well.

NAVTEX (Navigational Warnings by Telex)

The NAVTEX function of the WR-G33EM receives and stores security messages that are transmitted on NAVTEX-channels. The incoming messages can be filtered by content and geografic criteria. NAVTEX-messages are diswplayed and stored. Printing is possible here also.

HF-FAX Weather maps

The HF Fax function of the WR-G33EM allows to receive and store Fax-Weather maps. The receiver offers a largely automatic Fax reception, which requires only few actions by the operator. The received wather pictures may be zoomed, turned, displayed and stored or printed.


The TELEX (RTTY) function of the WR-G33EM receives and stores text messages for maritime navigation that are transmitted on TELEX-channels. The radioteletype can be decoded in the modes Baudot and SITOR-B. Messages can be displayed, stored and printed. For more ease of use also the code filters BUOY, MAFOR, SHIP, SYNOP, SYN.MOBILE and PLAIN TEXT are available, which translate the special syntax and abbreviations into clear text.

Scope of delivery:

* WR-G33EM receiver * Operation- and decoding software
* Operation manual
* Start.up test antenna
* BNC-to-SMA antenna adapter
* USB cable
* Shielded power supply
* Cable for DC source incl. fuse
* WR-G33EM / GPS additionally with GPS antenna and map software.

System requirements:
PC with 500 MHz Pentium Processor, free USB port, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Technical DataWR-G33EM Marine
Receiver typeDouble Superheterodyne receiver with DDS-Synthesizer
and software-defined last IF- and demodulator stage
Frequency range
9 kHz - 30 MHz
Tuning precision
1 Hz
Image suppression
60 dB
Dynamic range
93 dB
S-Meter precision
1 uV
S-Meter sensitivity
1 uV
IF bandwidth
1 uV
Sensitivity (10 dB S+N/N)
0,1-0,5 MHz
2,0 uV
0,7 uV
0,3 uV
0,5-0,2 MHz
0,5 uV
0,3 uV
0,2 uV
2-30 MHz
0,4 uV
0,4 uV
0,1 uV
Intermediate frequencies
IF1: 45 MHz, IF2: 12 kHz
Frequency stability
10 ppm (0-60° C)
Antenna connection
50 Ohm (SMA)
Hint: At the antenna connector 12 V are supplied for remotely feeded active antennas!
USB (1.1 and 2.0 compatible)