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WR-G39DDC e Excelsior

Product.Nr.: 9186

product description

The WiNRADiO WR-G39DDCe model is a high-performance HF/VHF/UHF/SHF software-defined receiver with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 3500 MHz, with two independent channels of 4 and 2 MHz wide instantaneous bandwidth available for recording and further digital processing, plus a 16 MHz wide real-time spectrum analyzer.
The Excelsior was designed especially for Surveillance und Monitoring purposes and does meet the requirements of commercial, governmental and military users.
For a limited time, SSB-Electronic makes this high-end receiver available for an introductory price.


- Frequency range 20 kHz to 3500 MHz
(except cellular bands where required by law)
- Ultra-fast search speed 1 GHz/s
- Two independent receiver channels with 4 and 2 MHz DDC BW
- Real-time spectrum analyzer up to 16 MHz wide
- Unlimited width swept spectrum analyzer
- Audio spectrum analyzer
- Audio and IF recorder
- High sensitivity
- Excellent dynamic range
- Numerous signal analysis tools
- Numerous types of search and scanning modes
- Numerous precise measuring tools
- USB 2.0 interface

What's included?:

- WR-G39DDC receiver
- Application software
- Comprehensive user's manual
- Low-noise linear power supply
- USB cable

Test the Excalibur Pro with our broadband files!

The operation software is available from WiNRADiO.

With the software and our broadband recordings you can experience the capabilities of the G39DDC yourself:

Excelsior broadband file 95-99 MHz (UKW in Wide FM)

Excelsior broadband file 128.5-132.5 MHz (Aero)

The files have to be decompressed after download with Winrar.

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