Product.Nr.: 9184

product description

The WiNRADiO WR-G33DDC, also known as the \'EXCALIBUR Pro\', is a high-performance
direct-sampling software-defined shortwave receiver with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 49.995 MHz, with a real-time 50 MHz wide spectrum analyzer and 4 MHz wide instantaneous bandwidth
available for recording, demodulation and further digital processing.


- Frequency range 9 kHz to 49.995 MHz
- Direct sampling
- Digital down-conversion
- 16-bit 100 MSPS A/D converter
- Real-time panoramic spectrum analyzer 50 MHz wide
- 4 MHz recording and processing bandwidth
- Configurable preselector
- Three parallel demodulator channels
- Waterfall displays
- Audio spectrum analyzer
- Audio and IF recording and playback
- Recording with pre-buffering
- Very high IP3 (+31 dBm)
- Excellent sensitivity (0.35 µV, SSB)
- Wide dynamic range (107 dB)
- User-switchable MW filter
- USB 2.0 interface
- Client Server Software (optional)

What's included?:

- WR-G33DDC receiver
- Application software
- Comprehensive user's manual
- Low-noise linear power supply
- USB cable

Test the Excalibur Pro with our broadband file!
The operation software is available from WiNRADiO.

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The content is supplied by WiNRADiO.

With the software and our broadband recordings you can experience the capabilities of the Excalibur Pro yourself:

Excalibur Pro broadband file 11600-15600 kHz (19.09.2011, 2059-2100 MESZ)  

This file has to be decompressed after download with Winrar.