WR-G 305e Receiver USB (external)

Product.Nr.: 9194

product description

Winradio G305e and G305i

The WiNRADiO G-305e was invented at the Ham Radio 2006 and was developed for the ambitious
shortwave listener and professional users as well. The G305 belongs to the generation of
Software-definied Radios (SDR), as demodulation and decoding of wireless signals
is done exclusively by software. This allows a more precise signal processing and a more flexible
and cost-saving way of updating for future analogue and digital modes like DRM.


G-305 window with FMW-Option

Frequency coverage is 9 kHz - 1800 MHz (optional up to 3500 MHz), with a tuning resolution
of 1 Hz. The supplied extensive software offers real-time display of the IF-spectrum
adjustable IF-bandwidth (100 Hz, 15000 Hz in 1 Hz steps), search functions with
unlimited  frequency storing, HF-Spectrum analysis, switchable preamplifier(+12dB)
and attenuator (-18dB), as well as various squelch functions (Signal level, noise,
voice, CTCSS and DCS).

Prof. Demodulator & Virtual Soundcard VSC

The Professional Demodulator Option of the G305 allows to set important parameters,
like the bandwidth, which is adjustable in 1 Hz steps.

The Virtual Soundcard VSC at the WR-G305 offers an additional virtual soundcard and
expands the application possibilities, but at the same timer avoids problems that may
happen when using the PC-Soundcard. Differences in sampling rates between the
Winradio-Receiver and the PC-Soundcard are compensated. Difficulties because of
buffer overrun or underrun are avoided this way.
Signal loss due to the dual conversion processes (digital to analog and at ther PC-
Soundcard analogue to digital) are a thing of the past. Furthermore signal processing
becomes faster, and the processor load is reduced. The PC can work more fluently.
External demodulation software has more soundcard power available.

G305Technical Data
Receiver typeDDS-based dual-conversion superheterodyne with software-defined last IF stage and demodulator
Frequency range9 kHz - 1800 MHz
Tuning resolution1 Hz

AM, AMN, AMS, LSB, USB, CW, FMN, FM6, (FMW optional)
Image/Spurious Rejection 60dB
RSSI accuracy 5dB
RSSI sensitivity 1 µV

AM6 kHz
AMN4 kHz
AMS4 kHz
LSB, USB2.5 kHz
CW500 Hz
FM66 kHz
FMN12 kHz
FMW230 kHz (Option)
Scanning speed 60 Channels/s

(AM/SSB/CW 10dB S/N)



Mode0.15-500 MHz500-1800 MHz
LSB, USB0.35µV0.37µV
FM6, FMN0.7µV0.8µV
FMW (optional)2.0µV2.0µV
Intermediate frequencies
IF1: 109.65 MHz
IF2: 12 kHz
Frequency stability10 ppm (0 to 60° C)
Antenna input50 ohm (SMA)
PC connection USB 1.0 / 2.0
RS232 serial bus cable optional.