WR-G303e extern. Receiver USB

Product.Nr.: 9177

product description

WiNRADiO G303-Model series

The G303-Model series of WiNRADiO offers outstanding technical data.
The large signal performance and the selectivity of this receiver are convincing even
under our difficult European reception conditions! Test reports confirm excellent
receiving power of the G303, combined with a super-comfortable operation that
puts everything ever seen before literally in the shade.

The external version of the G303 is simply connected to the USB port and controlled
by software. While the standard version is based technically on the powerful G303i,
the functions of the G303e PD are a new dimension. The professional demodulator of
the "G303e PD" allow to control important parameters, like the bandwidth, which is
switchable in 1 Hz steps. The G303 hardware is prepared for DRM reception, an
international standard for digital shortwave broadcasting. Astounding audioo samples
for the digital shortwave can be found on our webpages. Further product-highlights of
the PD-Version are the real-time spectrum scope with vector voltmeter and SINAD- and
THD-measurting tools.

Front and Option Professional Demodulator


Virtual front: Exact S-Meter and Bandscope inclusive


G303 Technical Data
Receiver type DDS-based dual-conversion superheterodyne with software-defined last IF stage and demodulator
Frequency range 9 kHz - 30 MHz
Tuning resolution 1 Hz

Image/Spurious Rejection 60dB
Dynamic range 95dB
RSSI accuracy 5dB
RSSI sensitivity 1 µV

AM 6 kHz
AMN 4 kHz
AMS 4 kHz
LSB, USB 2.5 kHz
CW 500 Hz
FM3 3 kHz
FM6 6 kHz
FMN 12 kHz
Scanning speed 50 Channels/s

(AM/SSB/CW 10dB S/N)



Mode 0.009-0.1 MHz 0.1-2 MHz 2-30 MHz
AM 9.0µV 2.2µV 0.9µV
LSB, USB 3.0µV 0.7µV 0.3µV
CW 1.2µV 0.2µV 0.1µV
FM3, FM6, FMN 2.2µV 0.4µV 0.2µV
Intermediate frequencies
IF1: 45 MHz
IF2: 12 kHz
Frequency stability 10 ppm (0 to 60° C)
Antenna input 50 ohm (SMA)
Output 12 kHz IF2 output (sound card Line Input compatible)