WR-LWA-0130 Longwire Adapter

Product.Nr.: 9233

product description

The WiNRADiO WR-LWA-0130 Long Wire Antenna Adapter is designed to work on medium and short wave bands, covering a frequency range from 0.1 to 30 MHz.

Such impedance matching usually results in a significant signal strength increase (up to 17 dB in some cases, and approximately 5 dB on average), compared to the long wire antenna connected directly to the antenna input of the receiver. The adapter is connected to the receiver via a BNC connector and a suitable low-loss coaxial cable.
For outdoor installation we recommend the use of Coax Seal applied over the BNC connector, for additional weather-proof protection.


\"\" Frequency coverage 0.1 to 30 MHz
\"\" Typical signal strength gain 5 dB (17 dB max)
\"\" Dual transformer technique
\"\" Standard BNC connector
\"\" Rugged weatherproof construction
\"\" Simple installation