Switch Box B / R switch

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product description

When for comfortable listening a scanner or a software defined radio like PERSEUS is used, but the own transceiver should be used for transmitting, an antenna switch is required that connects the antenna immediately to the transceiver when a transmitted signal is detected.

The Switch Box from Elad does this job perfectly. The box offers one input for the antenna and two outputs for receiver and transceiver. Switching can be done automatically when HF is detected (from 10 mW) or via a PTT connection.
The Switch Box additionally offers a NF switch: when an external loudspeaker is used, the receiver is muted during transmissions, and the CW-control tone is sent to the loudspeaker. The receiver output is grounded during transmissions, furthermore a discharge protection is built in. Without operating voltage the antenna is switched to the transceiver for safety reasons.

Die Switch Box works within a frerquency range from DC-160 MHz, the insertion loss at 160 MHz is 0,2 dB. Maximum transmitter power is 100 Watt, you\'ll need a power supply offering 13,8V at 200 mA.

  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Frequency range: DC - 160 MHz
  • max. transmitter power: 100 W
  • RF sense threshold: < 10 mw (1.8 MHz-30 MHz)
  • On time: < 20 ms
  • Release time: < 190 ms
  • Insertion loss: < 0.3db @144 MHz (0.2 db typ.)
  • Rx isolation: > 38dB @144 MHz (40 dB typ.)
  • Power supply: 13.8 V DC, 200 mA