Product.Nr.: 9184-ES

product description

The WiNRADiO WR-G65DDC 'EXCALIBUR Sigma' is a top performance, direct-sampling, software-defined, wide-band, two-in-one HF/VHF receiver. Two independent and mutually exclusive inputs are provided, one for each range: 1 kHz to 88 MHz and 118 MHz to 190 MHz. A real-time 88/72 MHz-wide spectrum analyzer is included with a 64 MHz wide instantaneous bandwidth available for recording, demodulation and further digital processing.


 1 kHz to 88 MHz and 118 MHz to 190 MHz frequency range
 Direct sampling
 Digital down-conversion
 16-bit 210 MSPS A/D converter
 88/72 MHz-wide, real-time spectrum analyzer
 64 MHz recording and processing bandwidth
 Ready for phase-coherent applications
 Continuously adjustable filter bandwidth down to 1 Hz
 Waterfall display functions and audio spectrum analyzer
 Audio and IF recording and playback
 Recording with pre-buffering
 Very high IP3 (+40 dBm typ.)
 Excellent sensitivity (Noise figure 6 dB)
 Excellent dynamic range (111 dB)
 Excellent frequency stability (0.1 ppm)
 User-configurable preselection filters
 Selectable low-noise preamplifier
 Test and measurement functions
 Networking version of application software available
 USB 3.0 and 1 Gb Ethernet (with PoE) data interfaces
 Numerous data and signal hw options
 Self-diagnostics with BIT and thermal management

The receiver interfaces to a Windows-compatible PC via USB 3.0, or 1 Gb Ethernet LAN port with PoE (Power over Ethernet functionality according to IEEE 802.3at standard).

For the highest bandwidth use, connection is best via USB3 for short distances (up to 3m). As the G65DDCe is equipped with an Ethernet socket, semi-remote connection to a computer is possible via a long Ethernet cable (up to 100m in length). For longer distances or when located in a busy or remote network, the Networking CSO option is recommended.

The receiver is very well shielded against interference, making it possible to operate in a noisy computer environment. Its modest power requirements are less than 12 watts. While connected via a LAN interface, thanks to PoE built-in functionality, the receiver can be operated and powered via a long Ethernet cable connection.

System requirements:

 PC with 2.4 GHz quad core CPU or faster
 One free USB 3.0 or Ethernet socket
 Windows 7, 8 or 10

Hardware options (on request):

External Reference Oscillator Input Option (/XR)
The G65DDCe/XR option includes an additional SMA connector, which can be used to connect an external 10 MHz reference oscillator for the highest possible frequency accuracy. The reference oscillator can be either sine or square wave between -5 dBm to +10 dBm.

Reference Oscillator Output Option (/RO)
The G65DDCe/RO option includes an additional SMA connector, which can be used to output the 10 MHz reference frequency. This is useful for situations where the receiver's internal oscillator is to be used as a reference for other equipment. The output is AC coupled, clipped sine-wave at +5 dBm @ 50 ohm.