WiNRADiO - Software Defined Receiver


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Windows 10 compatible application software:

WiNRADiO combines most modern receiver technology with the options of a PC.
The unique receiving concept sets standard in private and professional monitoring.
The perfect synthesis of Hard- and Software lead to a clear GUI with a consistent operation concept.

Five series of devices cover a boad price- and power spectrum. The
Software-Defined-Receiver (SDR) concept allows multiple and always customizable fields of applications, as for example visual field strength monitoring, seamless data base connections, direct integration of signal decoders or IP-based remote operation.

The WiNRADiO G3-Serie (3. Generation) is DRM-capable (except WR G33EM) and is the ideal entry to the reception of the digital long-, medium- and shortwave. SSB-Electronic
has been the official WiNRADiO-Distributor since1998 and supports its customers competently in all  application questions.

Range of models


WiNRADiO extern USB

WiNRADiO intern



 The WiNRADiO-Story

With a small transistor radio that the managing director of WiNRADiO
Communications received from his father as a little child, everything started. At the beginning 90ies the cycle was completed, when Milan Hudecek (having become a graduated engineer in the meantime) thought about the missing combination of radio communication which existed for more than 100 years, and PCs that were invented 30 years ago.

The rest is history. After the invention of the first PC-controlled receiver worldwide in 1995, WiNRADiO grew from a small high-technology company to a worldwide-operating company. Nowadays radio amateurs as well as professional users, authorities, security services and the military belong to the international clientele of WiNRADiO.

The reason for this uniquesuccess story? Dogged persistance, courage to innovate and highest production quality, whereby the tight integration of most modern receiver hardware combined with powerful software led to a flexibility and a future potential in receiver design not known before.