Software Downloads

The PERSEUS comes with three different software packages included.

The PERSEUS-Software...

USB 3.0 driver: Download Software
Windows 10 driver: Download Software

is the control center of the receiver: Frequency tuning, mode selection, variable filter bandwidths, the "Click-in-and-Tune"-Function, memory banks, variable noise blanker, noise reduction and much more can be controlled conveniently with the clearly arranged user interface. Outstanding options are offered by the variable signal display: A maximum bandwidth of 1600 kHz! can be monitored in a real-time spectrum display or in the Waterfall-FFT-Mode. The complete bandwidth can be recorded for later listening or analysis of all signals.

New functions since V 1.1c:
- 2 MS/s 1600 kHz bandwidth for replay / recording
- 50 kHz bandwidth for reception of NOAA weather satellites
- 6 memory banks with 100 entries each, freely configurable
- AGC Spike Rejection for improved suppression of impulse noise
- Noise Reduction Filter (continously adjustable) and Noise Blanker with 2 bandwidths
- Notch Filter variable bandwidth
- PeakSrc / Label: Tools for precise frequeny analysis
- Position of Level Bar selectable
- Direction of waterfall diagram selectable
- Scrollable MEM window
- Squelch and Mute, adjustable by a click in the S-Meter bar
- User Settings available by a configuration dialogue
- Improved filter form factors
- Virtual Com Interface for communication with third party programs
- Improved FFT-Spektrum resolution
- Improved FM Demodulator
- Improved replay of .wav-files
- Zoom Function
- Replay of recordings with the PERSEUS-Software without connected PERSEUS-Hardware.

more information can be found in our FAQ-List

Software HFSpan
A bandwidth of 40 MHz, the whole shortwave, can be displayed as a spectrum in real-time. So it is possible to get an idea how reception conditions change over the day, leading to different signal levels. Of course also smaller bandwidths can be analyzed.

Software Winrad
This is a self-contained Software that can tune PERSEUS directly. The recording/recording option offers some special tools for display of very weak signals. The audio signal is available to third party software too.

The Software can be used under Windows 2000, XP and Vista/32-bit. Mac-PCs with Intel Processors can use this software with Windows XP or Vista in Boot Camp.

All information reflects the status from 9/2011.


Perseus- and Winrad-Software Weblink

PERSEUS Software v4.1a

WRplus - Winrad-based Software
HDSDR 1.0 (ex WinradHD)
Frequency Lists for the PERSEUS MEM window:
Information: Organize frequency lists with PERSEUS (pdf, German)
Eibi-List (.txt)
(click with right mouse button, save target as)
Nagoya-List, compiled by the Nagoya DX Circle
Download "userlist.txt" from the URL given above (click with right mouse button -> "save target as") and copy to the PERSEUS directory. List is shown by activating the PERSEUS "User"-Button
Other Frequency Lists
Perseus Databases - Up-to-date set of frequency lists in Excel format, functions as frquency tuning of the Perseus, calculations for distance, azimut, sunrise-/sunset times, Interface for Online Logging
PERSEUS third party programs
Script software for timer-controlled recordings, by Dr. Matthias Zwoch
EiBi-Format Tool: Excel-Tool for converting frequency lists to the EiBi-format, used by the PERSEUS MEM window. Author: David L. Salomon, KG4FJH
PERSEUS tuning and log function using Excel, macro editet by Wolfgang Meister, OE1MWW
Ratemonkey - Realtime Sample Converter. Author: Michael Feilen
HF-Broadcasting, Monitoring, Coverage planning and Measurement-Tools with direct PERSEUS-Interface, by Norbert Schall (Link).
Further resources:
Perseus Third Party Software Guide by Willi Passmann - brief descriptions of ca. 50 software solutions for the PERSEUS, as well as FAQ-addresses
"SDR - Special": Link list, covering PERSEUS and SDRs
Shuttle Pro V2
The USB Interface for Perseus
Installation- and Operating Manual, AutoHotkey-Script and Preference File
AutoHotkey, necessary for above script