Support on and off the pitch – SSB-Electronic sponsors jerseys for local women’s football

May, 24th 2024

The women's team of SV Germania 1947 Esbeck e.V. is happy to receive a set of jerseys from SSB-Electronic.

The SV Germania Esbeck women's team was founded in 2019, shortly before the Corona pandemic. The training sessions had to be paused due to the pandemic. After the Corona situation improved, real training began.

The women are now playing in the district league for the second season and have a squad of over 25 players.

They have made a name for themselves through their increasingly successful participation in the district league, their passion for football and their team spirit off the pitch.

They received crucial support on this path from SSB-Electronic. SSB not only provided financial resources but also gave important moral support and encouragement. SSB-Electronic sponsored the very first set of jerseys for Germania Esbeck's first women's team, thereby paving the way into the competition in the district league. Thanks to this generous sponsorship, the team was able to start playing and collect victories and points for Germania Esbeck.

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