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MZwBX - Bidirectional multifunction counter up to 100A

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MZwBX - Bidirectional multifunction counter up to 100A

MID-compliant meters are required for all purposes of billing the consumption of your EV charger(s) in a business environment. In contrast to conventional meters, they are subjected to a conformity assessment and are manufactured under independent, constant production control. This ensures compliance with the tolerance of the measured variables in certain measuring ranges. The values generated in this way can be used for billing purposes.

The MID meter is compatible with the LMwBX charging management system and can be connected via Modbus RTU.

If the meter is connected upstream of the EV charger, its meter reading can be recorded automatically and later displayed in the app. These measurement data then automatically replace the values recorded by the EV charger. Instructions for the configuration are included with the meter.

  • Alternatively, the MID counter can also be used as a summation current transformer up to 100 A without additional external current sensors.

Connection instructions MID meter (German)