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LMwBX Charge Management System

Product.Nr.: 1121

EUR 480,00
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product description

LMwBX Charge Management System

for connecting up to 16 wBX16 (summation current transformer required)

The KSE charging management system LMwBX distributes the available energy in the object to up to 16 different charging points. It also ensures that the main connection is not overloaded.

The property often does not have its own connection for the charging points. In this case, the entire property is supplied with a main connection. Both the charging points and all other consumers (e.g. cooking, heating, lighting, ...) must be supplied via this. Everything that the other consumers in the property do not need in terms of energy can be made available to the charging points. Total current measurement is used to determine this amount of energy. To do this, the KSE summation current transformer must be used and connected to the KSE charging management system LMwBX.

Use the KSE ChargeConnect app in connection with your KSE charger and the charging management system. Always keep track of all consumption and parameters of your EV chargers.

The KSE charging management system LMwBX works offline, so it is fail-safe and absolutely reliable.

Used with the fully assembled KSE control cabinet, it is possible to record and bill the consumption data of each connected charging station. This means that you are no longer dependent on expensive backend providers and have no ongoing monthly costs. Feel free to contact us.

  • Ethernet
  • WiFi
  • 2x Modbus RTU/RS485
  • incl. 5V DIN rail power supply
  • Browser-based access via hotspot + login
  • Configurable dynamic load management
  • incl. access charging
  • Mounting via DIN rail
  • ethernet WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS 2x Modbus RTU/RS485 including 5V DIN rail power supply incl. surplus loading Mounting via DIN rail

Instruction Charge Management (German)