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RSB Clip with Clamp Lining for LCF14/SCF38

Product.Nr.: 803201

product description

Kit with RSB Clips incl. clamp lining for LCF14/SCF38

RFS Item Number: RSB-S38/L14

Kit includes 10x RSB Clips and 10x Clamp Liners for CELLFLEX SCF38, CELLFLEX LCF14 and RGC8 cables.


The RSB-Clip is designed for the installation of feeder cables from sizes 1/4"up to 1-5/8". The clip is a universal clamp device and can be used in many mounting configuration. The RSB-Clip is made of stainless steel. The hanger is resistant against all environmental influences. Due to the mechanical construction, a cable deformation is impossible. Therefore, a deterioration of the electrical properties is avoided.
Cable size   3/8"
Material   Clamp: Stainless steel
Clamp lining: EPDM rubber
Drill Hole Size mm (in) 8 (0.315)
Spare Part / Useful Accessories   Cleat: RSB-310
Anchor bar fixation: RSB-315
Operation Temperature    °C (°F) -50 to 85 (-58 to 185)
Storage Temperature    °C (°F) -50 to 85 (-58 to 185)
Quantity per Package   10