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N-Conn. male Premium Aircom / Ecoflex 10

Product.Nr.: 7405

product description

The new N-connector 7405 for Ecoflex 10 offers an alternative to the previous coaxial connectors with nickel surface. It is provided with a high-quality alloy of copper, tin and zinc (white bronze). In contrast to the nickel coating, this triple alloy has improved hardness and abrasion resistance. Thus, more mating cycles are possible before the wear shows.

Another advantage of the new connector is its higher intermodulation resistance. Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is used in passive components such as coaxial connectors i.d.R. caused by poor contact transitions, use of ferromagnetic materials such as nickel, or by metal oxidation and contact contamination. The new copper-tin-zinc alloy is non-ferromagnetic and exhibits lower passive intermodulation at high transmission frequencies to nickel. Thanks to its superior corrosion and oxidation resistance, the new connector has a long service life even under harsh environmental conditions.

In terms of customization, the new connector scores well below <20dB over the entire frequency range. He has - unlike nickel-containing connectors - no allergenic effect.

Mechanical properties:


Ecoflex 10, Aircom

Inner conductor:

for solder

Outer conductor:

to screw

Surface contact pins:






Surface connector housing and other metal parts

CuSnZn-alloy (white bronze)

Electrical Properties:


50 Ω

Return loss:

<-20 dB to 6 GHz

Minimal insulation resistance:

5000 MΩ

Mminimum dielectric strength  (KV rms 50Hz):

1000 Vrms

Contact resistance inner conductor:

1.0 mΩ

Contact resistance outer conductor:

1.0 mΩ

ROHS Conformity :