AS-3000 A system switch

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The antenna switch AS-3000 A is an electrically controllable switcher which is housed in a UV-resistant plastic housing with mast mounting. This switch includes two high-quality RF relays that can transmit high RF power. It is designed for transmit / receive systems with an antenna cable. The used pre-amplifier without a relay is installed near the switch on the antenna mast.

The water-protected power amplifier without relay switching can also be installed near the switch on the mast. Alternatively, in this case, a power transmitting amplifier can be installed in the check with transmit / receive switching. In this concept, the receiving pre-amplifier is not influenced by the heat generated by the power switching relays. The noise level of the pre-amplifier in this system only depends on the ambient temperature and not on the heat generated by the relays.




In high frequency ranges (70 cm, 23 cm and 13 cm) the use of the AS-3000 A in conjunction with the mast pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers -installed on the mast near the switch and the antenna system- is particularly advantageous because the attenuation of the antenna line at these frequencies can already be several dB (despite the application of low-attenuation coaxial cables).

Very large decoupling between the transmit and receive branches in this system and a properly functioning sequence control ensure an absolutely safe operation of the amplifiers used in this system.


Technical data:

Frequency range:

DC – 3000 MHz

Switch positions:


Insertion loss

per 1 relay, typ.:


0,01 dB / 150 MHz

0,02 dB / 500 MHz

0,025 dB / 1000 MHz

0,03 dB / 2000 MHz

<0,1 dB / 3000 MHz


>60 dB / 2,5 GHz


<1,2 : 1

Transferable power:

1000 W/2m;

800 W/70cm;

500 W/23cm;

250 W/13cm

Connection standard:

typ „N“

LNA DC Connection:

typ „F“



Data sheet AS-3000 A

Switching examples LNA 200 MA

Switching examples LNA 23 MA


The AS-3000 A switch can be used with the following preamplifiers in the frequency ranges from 50 MHz to 2.4 GHz:

LNA 600 MA, LNA 200 MA, LNA 70 MA, LNA 23 MA, and LNA 13 MA