EAntenna 144LFA13

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product description

EAntenna LFA monoband Yagi for the 2m frequency band with 13 elements and a gain of 16.05 dBi differs significantly from the traditional Yagi designs. The LFA ("Loop Fed Array") antenna consists of a rectangular dipole with a length of 1 λ. This dipole lies flat on the boom in the same plane as the parasitic elements. The outer faces of the dipole are parallel to the boom and are designed to be exactly anti-phase (±180°).

Therefore, signals on these sides cancel each other out, resulting in reduced sidelobes, low G/T values, and a better front-to-back ratio. This concept can therefore be applied to almost any boom length. The LFA Yagis have an impedance of 50 ohms and do not require any lossy transformations.

Compact antenna in proven EAntenna quality.
Material: Aluminum T5 6063 / T6 6082 / Hardware: Stainless Steel

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EAntenna 144LFA13 Yagi and instructions

Technical data

This antenna don’t requires balun. The feeding is direct to the coax, through soldering to the ring terminals.

Frequency range 144 - 146 MHz
Impedance 50 Ω
Max. Power: 5 kW
VSWR 1 : 1.0 bis 1 : 1.2
Gain 16,05 dBi
F/B 25,91 dB
Elements 13
Mast diameter  Ø 30 - 60 mm
Wind survival ≥ 160 km/h
Turning Radius 3,98 m
Mounting Clamping screws
Boom length 7,90 m
Weight 10,2 kg