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AS 304-N antenna switch

Product.Nr.: 5050

EUR 235,97
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product description

4 antennas in total can be controlled by the AS 304 via a common feeding cable,
losses are very low. The used power relays allow powers up to 1500 Watt PEP on
shortwave. The water protected switch can be mounted directly at the antenna
mast. For switching a separate 4-coil control cable is necessary, 12 V / 50 mA
Technical Data AS-304 N
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Transmission Power (PEP): 10m ........... 800W
6m - 2m ..... 800W
70cm ......... 600W
Attenuation: 0,15 dB
Connector: N-Buchse
Power supply: 12V -14V @ 60mA
max. diameter clamp: 58mm