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ACS 2004-N antenna control system

Product.Nr.: 5055

product description


The antenna control system ACS 2004 allows the activation of four different antennas
for all amateur bands from 80m to 70 cm over a single feeder cable. It consists of the
control unit AC 2004 and the water protected outdoor unit AS 2004. Both devices
communicate over a single feeder cable, which additionally allows four independent
amplifiers for each antenna connection to be switched on or off independently.

For the first time a complete, sequential preamplifier control is built into such a
system, that, at the same time, controls also power amplifiers processes.
Preamplifiers and power amplifiers can be controlled by a PTT, balanced to
ground or to + 5...12V.

Standard connection:
According to the included installtion plan up to for antennas can be connected to
the input sockets of the antenna switch, which is mounted at the mast. If desired,
preamplifiers are inserted in the common way between the according antenna and
the antenna switch. Via the feeding cable now the AS 2004 and the internal control
unit AC 2004 are connected. The socket TRX (PA) has to be connected to a
transceiver, receiver or power amplifier. After applying the operation voltage the
system is operational already. If our preamplifier is used, no wiring of the PTT
control inputs is necessary, if for example a transceiver is used that does not
exceed the acceptable load of the HF-Vox in the preamplifier. For the use of
separate power amplifiers with higher power, a further PTT connection from the
transceiver to the AC 2004 and from it to the PTT input of the power amplifier has
to be provided. If existent, a HF-Vox control in the power amplifier has to be deacti-
vated implicitly! The use of the PTT-control offers a further advantage: For the
protection of the switch contacts in the HF-Relays and the preamplifiers in use,
switching to a different antenna connection is prevented, as long the PTT switch
of the transceiver is activated.

Technical Data ACS-2004 N
Frequency range:  80m - 70cm
max. power (PEP) 80m - 10m........ 1.500W
6m - 2m.............800W
70cm................ 600W
Insert loss: 80m - 10m....... <0,1dB
6m................... 0,15 dB
2m................... 0,25dB
70cm................ 0,3 dB
Antenna inputs: 4
Pre- amp consumption: 0,5A max. (remote supply)
PTT-output switch: 0,5A / 30V max. (open Collector)
Relay switch: 0,5A / 30V max. (open Collector)
- PTT input: switches on < 2V
+ PTT input: switches on > 5V
Power supply: 12V - 15V (recomm. 13,8V-14,5V)
Socket: N-conn.fem.
max. mast diameter: 58mm