SLN 1420 A Pre-amp 1420 MHz (super low-noise)

Product.Nr.: 1055

product description

The increasing demand for high-quality preamplifiers for wireless communication, wireless
video and data transfers resulted in the development of the SLN-Preamplifier series.
This amplifier series is distinguished by a very low noise figure, high amplification values and
an outstanding electrical stability. The ever dense frequency occupation, especially by GSM-nets,
is presenting increasingly challenges regarding selectivity and large signal performance of
amplifiers. The SLN-Series is in compliance with these requirements, offering the following

Two-stage preamplifier, 1. stage super low noise HEMT, 2. stage GaAs-Fet driver with a linear
output power of > + 10 dBm. For selection tunable Helix-band filters are used.
The amplifier is built with a low-loss ceramic/glass fibre-substrate. The low-cost amateur version
(SLN-A Series) has a HF-tight tinplate housing, the professional version (SLN-P Series) a milled
aluminium housing with surface protection. Both versions offer direct feeding as well as remote
feeding of the voltage.

At the international noise figure Contest 1997 of radio amateurs (Weak Signal Group) in Dayton/
USA some SLN-preamplifiers took part. With 0.27 dB at 1296 Mhz and 0.33 dB on 2304 Mhz
these preamplifiers placed first and won the contest.

Technical Data
SLN 1300 A (P)
SLN 1420 A (P)
SLN 1700 A (P)
SLN 2300 A (P)
SLN 2400 A (P)
Noise figure
1,2 (1,0) dB
1,2 (1,0) dB
1,2 (1,0) dB
1,2 (1,0) dB
1,2 (1,0) dB
Gain, typ.
25 (28) dB
25 (28) dB
25 (28) dB
25 (28) dB
25 (28) dB
3 dB BW, typ.
40 MHz
40 MHz
40 MHz
60 MHz
60 MHz
Connection norm
N-Socket (SMA for a surcharge)
Operating voltage
13,8 V
Current consumption
60 mA
Housing dimensions
74x55x30 mm (80x62x30 mm)
120 g (140 g)