LNA 5000 Broad-band pre-amp. up to 5GHz

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High-quality technique in it's most noble form: a modern SiGe-amplifier chip with a low-loss
ceramic-microwave substrate and the use of microstrip-N sockets nake possible a low
a low noise figure as well as a high amplification over a bandwidth of 5 GHz.

The outstanding large signal performance of the LNA 5000 is certified by an IP3 >30 dBm.
Intermodulation effects due to high sum signals of bigger antennas are nearly impossible.

Hence the LNA 5000 classifies itself as an Allround-Amplifier for many applications, as a
preamplifier for scanners and receivers or for improving sensitivity of measuring equipment
systems. But also as a low-power amplifier the LNA 5000 with its linear output power of up to
20 dBm can be very useful. The supply voltage of the amplifier can be feeded directly or remotely
via the coaxial cable, the supply voltage will be stabilized internally.

Due to its weatherproof housing the LNA 5000 may be fixed directly at the antenna mast.
The mast clamps are hot-dip galvanized, all screws and nuts are made of stainless steel.

Recommended remote powering coupler: DCC-5000.


 Technical Data  LNA-5000
Frequency range [MHz]:
Amplification/Noise figure (typ.) [dB]:
23 / 1,9 at 200 MHz
22 / 2 at 500 MHz
21 / 2 at 1000 MHz
18 / 2,8 at 3000 MHz
Connection norm:
Operating voltage [V]:
Current consumption [mA]:
Weight [g]:
Max. Mast diameter [mm]: