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LNA 600 Preamp. 51 MHz SMA

Product.Nr.: 1010-SMA

EUR 185,90
incl. 19 % VAT

product description


The new low-noise amplifier for the 6m band represents a completely new development of SSB-Electronic.
It replaces the SP-6.

The new preamplifiers from SSB-Electronic are low noise while simultaneously offering high amplification. Thus, they are ideal for use in EME, MS, Aurora and Tropo DX applications.

Also in contest operation the new LNA series makes a good figure: High IP3 values stand for high large signal immunity. The high selectivity guarantees trouble-free operation also in the vicinity of radio and other broadcast stations, such as mobile phone relays.

Large allowable maximum input levels make the amplifier insensitive to destruction by its own transmission signal: emphasis was on a high isolation between the relays of the switching system. An absolutely stable operation is given, even with poor antenna matching (no spurious oscillation).

The power supply of the amplifier can be controlled by an external line or through the coaxial cable at the output of the amplifier (remote feeding).

New: Choose between the connection norms N-socket, N-plug (for direct mounting at the relay etc.) or SMA and order the according variant.
We also offer the option of a special alignment, in case the required reception range should not be exactly in the defined band. Please ask for these CSP variants.

The amplifiers are built into a rugged tinplate housing, suitable exclusively for indoor applications (IP41 according to EN 60529). The new amplifiers are labelled as "NEW".
For outdoor applications we recommend our preamplifier series "MHP" with receive-transmit switch, which were redesigned also.
Specifications that speak for themselves:

Technical Data  LNA 600 LNA 200 LNA 70
Frequency Range [MHz]: 50 - 52 144 - 146 430 - 440
Noise Figure @ 20°C (NF) [dB]: 0,25 +/-0,05 0,25 +/-0,05 0,35 +/-0,05
Amplification typ. (S21) [dB]: 24,0 +/-1,0 24,0 +/-1,0 21,0 +/-1,0
Return Loss IN (S11) [dB]:  2,7  2,0  3,0
 Return Loss OUT (S22) [dB]:  20,0  20,0 10,0
 IIP3 IN [dBm]:  -1,0  -2,0  -2,0
 OIP3 OUT [dBm]:  23,0  22,0  23,0
 max. Input Level [dBm]:  10,0  10,0  10,0
 Impedance [Ohm]:  50 50 50
 Connection Standard:  N-B/S; SMA N-B/S; SMA N-B/S; SMA
 Operating Voltage [V]: 8 -14 8 -14 8 -14
 Power Consumption [mA]:  60 60 60
Dimensions (LxBxH) [mm]: 74 x 56 x 30 74 x 56 x 30 74 x 56 x 30
Weight [g]: 140 140 140


The names have been adjusted too. We now consistently use the words of the band in cm, except for amplifiers for specific frequencies. Thus, for example the old "LNA145", an amplifier for the 2 m band (145MHz), is now called "LNA 200".

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We wish you good reception everywhere...
with the preamplifiers of SSB-Electronic.

Your SSB-Team