... without remote power

... without remote power

Attention: We advise our customers to do a switching test (without transmission power!) after mounting the system, in order to check the correct switching and tuning of latency.

The MHP must be used with a sequence-controller. Transmissionmode without a sequence-controller will damage the unit!

Preamplifiers with high-preformance switching
The new line of MHP, which represents completely new developments of SSB-Electronic.


In addition to minimal self-noise and stable adjustment, great emphasis was placed on lowest oscillating behavior. The preamplifiers are mechanically very robust and offer excellent sensitivity at the same time.

The amplifiers are built into a pole-mounted enclosures. The new amplifiers are labelled as "NEW".

Technical Data  MHP 200 MHP 70
Frequency Range [MHz]: 144 - 146 430 - 440
Noise Figure @ 20°C (NF) [dB]: < 0.6 0,45
Amplification typ. (S21) [dB]: 21 21,0 +/-1,0
Permitted power PEP [W]:   1500   1500
Return Loss IN (S11) [dB]:  2,0  3,0
 Return Loss OUT (S22) [dB]:  20,0 10,0
 IIP3 IN [dBm]:  -2,0  -2,0
 OIP3 OUT [dBm]:  22,0  23,0
 max. Input Level [dBm]:  10,0  10,0
 Inseration loss[dB]:  0,04 < 0,1 
 Impedance [Ohm]: 50 50
 Connection Standard: N N
 Operating Voltage[V]: 13,8 - 15 8 -14
 Current Consumption[mA]: 500 440
Dimensions (LxBxH) [mm]: 164 x 90 x 120 164 x 90 x 120
Weight [g]: 1050 1050

Operation only with Sequence-Controller.

The names have been adjusted too. We now consistently use the words of the band in cm, except for amplifiers for specific frequencies. Thus, for example the old "MHP 145", an amplifier for the 2 m band (145MHz), is now called "MHP 200".

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MHP 600

MHP 600

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